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    InvesTeam Realty is one of  the fastest growing real estate companies in South Florida and by becoming a VIP Card Sponsor you will have direct exposure to its large Team of  professionals, their clients, family members and network.
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Our Associates, your Clients.

A program designed and used exclusively by our Associates/Agents to promote your business and services and to turn them into your raving fans and business referrals source.

Introducing the VIP Card Program App

We have added an App (Apple, Android) to the VIP Card Program available only to our registered Agents where they can access information about the program and receive instant messages with your offers and special promotions.

Geo-fenced push notifications

Ability to send customized automatic messages to agents when they're near-by, enter or leave an sponsor's location. 

Categories to easily search for Sponsors

Agents are capable of searching for sponsors by categories within the App.

Instant messages with promotion

Running a special offer for a limited time? Our App allows to send push notifications to our Agents with your special promotions, offers and events.

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